Jingle Stick

$4.95 USD

Clip Clap

$9.95 USD

Young Maestro Tambourine

$6.95 USD

Kindermusik Nino Drum

$19.95 USD

Ring, Shake, Tap, Float Instrument Collection

$15.95 USD

Finger Cymbals, pair

$8.95 USD

Snail Shaker

$6.95 USD

Kindermusik Chime Ball

$7.95 USD

Rhythm Sticks, pair

$2.95 USD

Rainbow Shaker

$6.95 USD

Shape Shakers

$5.95 USD

Level 1: Family All Around Me Book

$9.50 USD

Kindermusik Double Egg Shaker

$4.95 USD

Spring-Back Castanets, pair

$8.95 USD

Kindermusik Zig Zag Blocks, pair

$4.95 USD


$4.95 USD

Kindermusik Triangle, 6" with Built-In Holder

$16.95 USD

Non-Breakable Mirror

$9.50 USD

Mini Cage Bell

$3.95 USD

Kindermusik Scarf

$6.35 USD

Fish Baby Shaker

$7.45 USD

Kindermusik Egg Shaker, pair

$6.40 USD

Kindermusik Mixed Scarf Pair

$9.50 USD

First Notes Instrument Collection

$15.95 USD

Parent Enhancement Set

$35.95 USD

Dew Drops Banners Set of 2 - While Supplies Last

$3.90 USD

Mini Maraca

$4.95 USD

DewDrops Literature Book

$10.95 USD

Kindermusik Backpack

$12.95 USD

Literature Book - Away We Go Shiny Ina Book

$6.50 USD

Literature Book - Away We Go Giddy Up

$6.50 USD

Away We Go Activity Book

$6.95 USD

Rain Or Shine Activity Book

$6.00 USD

Marvelous Me Activity Book

$6.00 USD

Up In The Sky Activity Book

$6.00 USD

One-Bell Jingle Stick, pair

$6.95 USD

TunedIn Level 2 Bag

$165.00 USD

Kindermusik Stir Xylophone with Stir Spoon

$15.95 USD

Kindermusik Green Sandblocks, pair

$4.50 USD

Kindermusik Guiro Shaker/Rain Shaker with Scraper

$12.95 USD

Musical Shapes Bell

$7.00 USD

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